Top Rank Biz 20-Point Checklist

Our 20-Point Inspection includes everything from checking reviews, ratings, reputation, history, complaints, satisfaction, trust, and cost to the general excellence. If you are looking for full list of our 20-Point Checklist, the following list will provide your all the information. There are few items may not be applicable to every business.


1. Experience

Master of their skill, based on number of years of quality experience and education.

2. Online & Ownership History

Detailed research about the business’s complete website to check if the information is accurate and updated regularly. Also, we check if the business is family-owned, Partnership, LLC or corporation and its detailed history.


3. Services

The exact number of services that are being offered by the business.

4. Special Services or Diversification

We look for any complementary services (e.g. free evaluation) that businesses offer. We also look for the diversity in services related to the category.


5. Images of the Business

We look for some original and genuine images that can help people discover your services. We also check for any fake (morphed, animated, or irrelevant) images. Any image like license or permit proves the authenticity of the business ownership.

Operating Hours

6. Business Hours

Number of operating hours that businesses offer their services.

Social Media

7. Social Media Presence

We check the business's official pages, page maintenance, following ratio, etc. all social media platforms.


8. Complete Info

The complete information regarding the business is present on the website. Accurate contact information such ad address, phone number, and email address are available.

9. Website Standard

Website appearance and performance is updated properly. Copyright and license information is updated regularly. Recognition of the business from any third-party websites.


10. Awards History

The history of awards and titles that business has won over the years. If business have awards from numerous legitimate sources. A history of milestones and acknowledgement.


11. Complaints

Complaints that Top Rank Biz receives about the business from the customers and the way the owner response to the complaints. We verify the authenticity of the complaints. Any ongoing cases against the business.


12. Legitimate Ratings

We check for the legitimacy of the reviews and ratings posted by the customers. We analyze the identity and background of the reviewers. We eliminate any fake review. However, if the business has high negative reviews; we don’t consider that listing.

13. Reviews Study

We do a complete study on reviews that business have got throughout the years. Also, we look for business owner response to any good, bad or feedback reviews to determine the accuracy of services offered by the professionals.

14. Current Evaluation

Current evaluation of any recent review that people post involve the review analysis to find the specific reviews that matched the business services, skills, or thanking reviews mentioning team names.

15. Pricing and Cost Transparency

We assess the pricing structure of the business's services to ensure it is transparent and clearly communicated to customers. We also check for any hidden fees or charges that could impact the overall cost.

16. Customer Satisfaction

We gather feedback from previous customers to gauge their satisfaction level with the business's services. This includes testimonials, surveys, and follow-up interviews to understand the overall customer experience.

17. Trust and Credibility

We evaluate the business's reputation and credibility within the industry and community. This involves checking for any affiliations with professional organizations, certifications, licenses, and memberships that add to the business's trustworthiness.

18. Accessibility and Customer Support

We assess how accessible the business is to its customers. This includes evaluating their response time to inquiries, the availability of customer support, and the ease of contacting the business when needed.

19. Quality of Work or Products

We evaluate the overall quality of the work or products the business provides. This may involve examining past projects, product samples, or conducting interviews with previous customers to gauge the level of craftsmanship or product excellence.

20. Sustainability and Social Responsibility

We look into the business's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. This may include efforts to reduce environmental impact, support local communities, or engage in ethical business practices.