1. Is TopRankBiz legitimate?

100% legitimate. We are the most legit company you can find. We have a growing presence in Canada and the United States, helping millions of users each month find the best services and businesses in their respective cities. To enlist businesses, we have a strict “No Pay to Play” policy. This makes us an impartial, trustworthy, free platform for both users and businesses.

2. Are business owners willing to pay you to list your business?

No! No! Our list should be objective and accurate. Asking for money or accepting money to list your business is not the right thing! Top Rank Biz doesn’t view our list as a collection of businesses. It’s about saving someone’s life, helping immigrants to learn about new cities, and creating memories with loved ones.

3. How do you select the gold badge winner?

To select one gold badge winner per city, we use a 20-checkpoint system. To ensure accuracy, our team reviews and verifies all details manually. Out of all categories and businesses, we select one winner for the gold badge in a city.

4. Why choose five businesses?

We know that everyone is different and we wanted to ensure you have options. We created a list that would be sufficient to suit everyone’s tastes, but not overwhelming. Based on our personal experiences, five seemed to be the perfect number to achieve these goals.

5. If you already have five businesses, why submit your business?

We require you to submit your company because our algorithm finds businesses. Although it is accurate, it can sometimes miss businesses. This allows business owners to correct the error if it does not happen. Sometimes, not all information is online. For example, some awards might not appear. We recommend that you submit your business information to ensure we have accurate and complete information.

6. How can you choose the best businesses?

Our 20-point inspection helps us select the best businesses. This includes everything, from business reputation, cost, and satisfaction to the general excellence.

7. Are you able to complete the 20-point inspection of every business?

The short answer to this question is no. While not all points will apply to every business, most of them are.

8. Where can you find the information?

As we get our information from many sources, there is no single source. We’ve likely seen it online, so we don’t have to search for it. We receive emails from customers, and we have online partners who can help us collect information. The majority of business information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses, comes directly from the companies.

8. Do Top-Rank Businesses visit all shops?

We don’t. We know that humans run businesses and that humans can be absent for days. We don’t care about how businesses performed on particular days or occasions. It is all about the overall performance of the business. This allows us to get an objective view of the business. We don’t know their owners, staff or feel pressured to include them. This is where you, the customer, come in. Let us know if you feel we made a mistake or noticed that a business was closing down.

10. What number of businesses have you reviewed for a particular city?

It all depends on the city’s size. It is easier for larger cities to bear the weight of many businesses than smaller ones. There is no right answer. However, it is common for cities to have thousands or even tens of thousands of businesses.

11. Why not post negative reviews on your website?

We make it easy to find the best company. Negative reviews are not posted because they can make it more difficult to choose. All negative reviews are reviewed and taken into consideration. We are not a rating site but a review site. To determine the best businesses, we compile all reviews, both positive and negative.

12. What length of time will I stay on your site?

Minimum of one year, except in extreme cases like business closure or negative court cases. You will be revaluated after approximately one year. This will allow for growth and healthy competition as well as verifying the accuracy of our lists.

13. What does the position of the businesses on this page indicate?

Your business’s position does not necessarily mean that you are in the top 10. All businesses listed on this site are equal. We do not allow any changes to your listing. This eliminates any unfair advantage a firm may have over another firm.

14. We are ranked as one of the top! This is what we can do to promote it.

It is encouraged that you share it on social media and websites, as well as any other places you find. It’s a great way for people to spread the word by sending a press release to their local newspaper.

15. What do I do if I notice a typo? A business has closed down? Or a broken link?

We would love to hear from you! You can use our contact form or email us directly at support@toprankbiz.ca For more information on updating your business information, please visit our Update Business page.

16. What is the Top Rank Biz policy regarding discriminatory business?

Top Rank Biz lists only the best businesses. However, we do not endorse or list businesses that discriminate. We believe everyone should have access to a business’s services, regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation.